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About Nicki Michaels

"If I tried to hire someone for everything that coaching does for me, it would cost a fortune!"
Houston, TX

"You were instrumental in empowering me to come up with a MAJOR life choice—one that'll TOTALLY change the course of my life—for the good, better BEST. It is clear to me that our half year's worth of work provided a quantum shift in the way I think, which has prepared me for a quantum leap in my experience of joy. I already FEEL the effects of my decision. I breathe deeper, my energy is slowly returning; I am DEFINITELY on the right path! THANK YOU!"
E.C. Burke
Carrboro, NC

"I've known S. for many years and I've watched her go through the same stuff I am going through now. I also watched her flower in the last few years. I've heard of Life Coaches, but never knew anyone that had used one until S. mentioned how you had helped her. S. is the best advertisement you could have."

Valparaiso, IN

"Our coaching sessions have been an anchor in making changes that feel good—not leaps into the unknown where I am then working hard to regain my balance. I feel like you granted me grace in my angst. Cheers to you Nicki for all your wonderful coaching and support. I have loved it."

Sarah Mitchell
Belgrade, MT

"I’m calling to tell you what a success yesterday was with my new attitude. I want to thank you for your encouragement, support, and hanging in there with me. Thanks."
Wynn Burkett
San Francisco, CA

"Each (coaching) session contained at least one ‘aha!’ moment, where something previously unrecognized by me would appear. You have an uncanny ability to help me realize the feelings that I've been unaware of, or unable to put into words. By thinking creatively about the most mundane issues, the results can be profound. Coaching has affected how I approach every facet of my life, from career and relationships to having fun. I have always felt both challenged and supported by our sessions. I think of that ‘give someone a fish—teach someone to fish’ parable. This was certainly learning how to fish and how to enjoy it!"
Greg Munger
Chesterton, IN

Why Coaching?
The value that life coaching brings is priceless.

Here's how clients describe the results of working with a life coach:

  • Higher level of self awareness & discovery
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased energy & more fun
  • Smarter goal setting
  • More self confidence
  • Lower stress levels and more balanced life
  • Enhanced communications skills
  • Project completion
  • Health or fitness improvement
  • More income
  • Stopped a bad habit

Investing in a Credentialed Life Coach is investing in yourself.

98.5% of coaching clients surveyed report that their investment in a coach was well worth the money.*

Buyer beware! Many people who call themselves coaches, have no formal coach training, nor are they credentialed by a recognized coaching professional organization with a strong Code of Ethics. Both my coach credential and my coach certification let you know that I am a well trained coach who succeeded in a rigorous coach training program, and who meets the strict requirements of credentialing.

I am proud to hold the Professional Certified Coach credential (PCC), awarded by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world's foremost international professional coaches' organization.

My Professional Certified Coach credential recognizes:

  • My successful completion of a rigorous approved coach certification program, accredited by the ICF (see below)
  • My documented 750 professional client coaching hours with at least 25 clients.
  • Letters of recognition of my coaching skills by two Master Coaches who have either been coached by me, or who have heard me coach.
  • Five recommendation letters from coaching clients who have benefited from their coaching with me.
  • My commitment to complete 40 hours of Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) by ICF approved programs, over each 3 year period.

About my Coach Certification Training

I'm proud to be a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), trained and certified by The Coaches Training Institute, a highly regarded coaching school which is accredited by the International Coach Federation.

This certification means that:

  • I successfully completed of 116 hours of prerequisite course work in order to be accepted into the certification program
  • I've been coached by a Certified Professional Co-active Coach throughout the intensive six month certification program
  • I accumulated a minimum of 100 professional coaching hours coaching my own clients during the certification program
  • I spent 10-15 hours per week on interactive classes, lectures, reading, and homework assignments which were all successfully completed
  • I successfully completed at least 9 supervision sessions with a team of Master Coaches who both listened to and evaluated my actual client sessions
  • I successfully passed a day long oral and written exam including two live coaching sessions in front of a panel of Master Coach Supervisors and video camera

Since starting my coaching practice...

I've logged over 1200 professional coaching hours, and coached over 80 clients, many of whom have made significant positive changes in their lives—changes which they credit to the dynamic, challenging and supportive environment that coaching creates. You can read some of their comments on each page of this, the Life Coaching section of this web site, in the left hand column of each page.

Try Coaching!