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About Nicki Michaels

"I thoroughly enjoyed our session! As i was describing it to a good friend today, she asked me what was the most surprising thing about it, and there was nothing even approaching surprise—but it was all deeply validating of the feelings and experiences I've been having in recent months. I spent my evening strangely exhilarated and peaceful, ready to charge forward into this new time. Thank you."
Margaret Smithglass
North Adams, MA

"I listened to the tape of our consultation today. The session was overwhelmingly positive and supportive of aspects of my life that are yearning for expression and development, and I just want to thank you for a job well done. I have a good deal of material to work with and it's just the boost I needed."
S. J.
Nevada City, CA

"I must say that you were right about the timing of things, having two job offers in the past two months right around the dates you specified. Good work. You said there was another window coming up in October, with maybe a better opportunity. I am keeping my eyes and my options open. "

Ralph S.
Hong Kong, China

"This is one of those letters that is all too often mentioned in the world of commercials: the unsolicited testimonial. However, from the heart, and all kidding aside, I want to take a moment to tell you the joy, depth of insight and courage I received from your reading. Something that positive is best left not unsaid...It's amazing how much was delved into during the 90 minutes we spent together."
M. M.
San Mateo, CA

"I last spoke to you around the 6th of June in desperation. You said things would start to happen in late June and I’d probably have something by July 16th to 18th. Well, I had an incredible interview on the 4th of July…for a sales job with a great company….They offered me the job on July 16th. I accepted on the 17th. Were you right or were you right!!!"

London, England

"Just wanted to let you know you were right about that Jupiter transit regarding my shows.  I made $5000.00 in two months between open studio and the show.  Life’s pretty exciting right now."  "

Nevada City, CA

Current Events Consultations

General Information

By moving with the tides of life rather than against them, we make the most of every situation. My popular Current Event Consultations offer you insights on your life from an astrological perspective. We focus on career development, relationship and family matters, life transitions or spiritual issues—whatever's up for you. Astrology reveals the best way to use what you've got to get what you want, as well as the most appropriate timing to achieve your desired results.

I do not predict the outcomes of situations—as I believe that, as the old saying goes, "The stars impel, they do not compel." Rather, I view astrology as a tool that helps you understand the timing mechanisms operating in your life, so that you can make the most informed decisions possible, and utilize the possibilities of the time period to the utmost. I analyze when things might shift, and in what way. We identify your challenges, and how best to face them; ascertain negative patterns that may be blocking your way, and discover how you might shift them; we pinpoint where opportunities are opening and how you can capitalize on them.

I evaluate planetary placements during this calendar year, last year, and next year in order to understand what you've been through, where you are now, and where you're heading. The context is helpful in building a more complete understanding of why you are where you are now, so that you can make informed choices to move yourself forward.


Coaching and Astrology make an unbeatable combination
As a credentialed Life Coach, you benefit from my coaching expertise in each astrological consultation. I support you to access your own wisdom, identify the direction you wish to go, and develop a plan to get there. Combining astrological perspectives with life coaching techniques is a powerful tool for change.

Plain English Spoken!
No astro-jargon spoken here—just plain English. There are a range of consultation lengths available to suit your needs . Appointments take place either in person or by phone. An mp3 recording of our talk will be emailed to you along with a copy of your birth chart. Call or email for more information.



Your Choices

  • Basic Consultation—$200—This is the most popular choice. This 1 hour consultation leaves plenty of time to review the current time period, identify issues of concern, analyze the situation, ask questions and develop a strategy to move forward.

  • In-Depth Consultation—$300—This 1.5 hour consultation is recommended if you're at least 35 years old and either in the midst of major life transitions or with an interest in understanding the structure of your life from an astrological perspective. I prepare a planetary retrospective of your adult years, which allows you to develop a new understanding of the past past which informs important decisions in the present. This consultation enables a deeper understanding of major life themes by putting important life experiences into an understandable context providing clarity. There's plenty of time to review the current time period, ask questions and develop an action plan.

  • Career Consultation—$300—This 1.25 hour consultation focuses on career potential and direction, as well as the timing for career change. While a birth chart will not indicate which specific career will be best for you, it will reveal particular qualities and innate talents you have which, if honored in your career choices, will be more likely to lead to your fulfillment and success. We identify what you love, what you hate, where your natural talents lie, what your educational and career background are, and brainstorm career possibilities. We also analyze the current time period, and identify a time frame for change to take place. While this informative and revealing meeting lays the framework for career redirection, it may not definitively clarify your confusion, but rather open more possibilities to explore. This consultation can be paired with the Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction Coaching Program, which develops the information from this meeting in a deep and meaningful way leading to a specific plan for career change.

  • Light Compatibility—$70—For anyone wanting the Basic or In-Depth Individual Consultation, I can also provide a short relationship analysis, using a second person's birth chart, within the allotted time frame of the consultation and for the additional fee. Read more about Relationship Consultations.

  • Short Consultations—minimum $70 for 20 minute, all meetings pro-rated at $210 per hour—You can opt for a consultation that's less than an hour—make it 20, 30, 40 minutes, or whatever works for you. However, the consultation length must be specified at the time your appointment is scheduled. During these shorter consultations, I focus on specific issues of concern to you, and cover as much material as possible within the specified time frame. All short consultations are by phone only.

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