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Banner: Beyond Sun Signs-You're so much more than just your Sun sign- Astrologer & Life Coach Nicki Michaels PCC, CPCC-Home of The Rudhyar Audio Archives      bullet Home of the the Rudhyar Audio Archives — A 20th Century Voice with 21st Century Vision bullet
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About Nicki Michaels

You will probably say, "But how can I know where I belong in this universe? How can I find the musical score showing what my part is, where my life melody fits?"


The sky is the answer. Your birth chart and the way it unfolds its birth potential is your score. It is the message of the universe to you—a message in the celestial language of symbols...of what, at birth, was mere potentiality...


A wise an interpreter, translating the celestial message that could guide you in the performance of your role of destiny—your dharma—what you were born for...


Dane Rudhyar
The Birth Chart as a Celestial Message


"I listened to the tape of our last session several times—because from that time on, I've been envisioning making a shift—seeing how it might happen, and it has begun to evolve. This is good!"
C. Caldwell
Alameda, CA

"Thank you so much for the wonderful session. I feel emotionally rejuvenated. You gave me a new vision of myself that really helped to restore my self-confidence. I feel emotionally refreshed and really want to thank you for that."
Campbell, CA

"Thank you again, Nicki, for your encouragement not just because it your job, but because it's your passion."

D. Su
Oakland, CA

"It's so reassuring to know what the energies are that I'm working with---I'm not going crazy and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! Thank you so much for your great insight, humorous analogies and words of wisdom... Definitely had a great impact."
C. D.
Pacifica, CA

"I finished transcribing the tape from our meeting—and I want to once again thank you for your quiet strength, knowledge shared, and validation..."
Oakland, CA

"I feel like I get a soul massage when I talk with you...I even feel physically more calm...You are a gift. I so appreciate your wisdom."
G. A.
Novato, CA



Astrology Services

Celestial insights into life's possibilities,
by phone or in person

San Francisco Life Coach & Astrologer
Nicki Michaels PCC, CPCC
Professional Certified Coach
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

(+1) 415-334-7070


"In the many years I've been an astrologer, I've seen how planetary symbols reveal the meaning of experiences that otherwise would be incomprehensible. If we can extract meaning out of a difficult situation, we can find peace and go on. Astrology enables us to develop a close personal relationship to the Divine, and when we do that, we each stay true to our own unique essential nature."

Nicki Michaels
from the book Images of God, 60 Reflections of Spiritual Beliefs
by Adam Gaynor


Read about your choice of astrological consultations and fees.

What might an astrological consultation offer you?
Astrology offers a unique perspective; it reveals how the Divine intersects with our daily lives. As your astrological consultant, I translate complex astrological symbols into just plain English, to offer you a celestial perspective of your life—your challenges as well as opportunities—so that you can make the most out of what you've got.

Timing is everything!
Timing is everything, and one of the most valuable insights that astrology offers is an understanding of the rhythm of life's unfolding patterns. If you're feeling stuck, learn when the tides will change, as well as how to maximize current possibilities. If things are moving too fast, develop strategies to avoid overwhelm and gain insight into the deeper implications. The understanding you gain from our work together is practical, strategic, and empowering.

What differentiates me from other astrologers...
While many astrologers use technical jargon that is confusing to most consumers of astrology, my sessions are accessible and understandable. I'm one of the first astrological consultants to have a university degree in Astro-Psychology as well as 37 years experience in the field. When you hire me as your astrological consultant, you are also hiring a Professional Certified Coach, credentialed by the International Coach Federation, the foremost professional organization for coaches.

Astrology combined with Coaching offers insights beyond measure.
In my capacity as Life Coach, I support clients who want to make conscious change, or who find themselves in the midst of shifting circumstances, and wish to make informed choices, based on current circumstances. As your astrological consultant, I bring my coaching expertise to each and every astrological session. Read about pairing astrology with coaching...

So what makes astrology work?
While we cannot explain why planetary positions at birth should either impact or reflect the timing and essence of our life experiences, there does seem to be a powerful correlation.


Astrological Consultations and Fees
Here are your options:

  • Astro-Talk —Focus on the current events of your life from an astrological perspective—whether you're wondering about career issues, relationship dilemmas, or family challenges, learn about the current planetary climate and how that affects your life, as well as when things might change...»Read More

  • Astro-Updates for Returning Clients—As time goes on and situations change, so do planetary pressures and opportunities shift. Return for an astro-update to identify the best way to take advantage of current planetary trends...»Read More

  • Astro-Relating—Astrology is an excellent tool to gain understanding of relationships of all kinds from romantic liaisons to family units, from business partners to employee guidance...»Read More

  • Astro-Locality—What's the best place on Earth for you to live, love and pursue success? Let the Astro*Carto*Graphy, the astrological relocation system point you in the right direction...»Read More

  • Astro-Planning—Maximize opportunity by choosing the most auspicious moment to begin your marriage, open your new business, or embark on that special vacation...»Read More

  • Astro-Gifts—An Astrology Consultation makes a terrific birthday gift, wedding gift, or for other special occasions...»Read More

  • Learn About the Powerful Synergy between Astrology and Life Coaching —Life coaching provides ongoing support to enable you to change your life for the better and can be a powerful and useful partner to your astrological consultation...»Read More

  • Important Information About All Astrology Services—If you're considering scheduling an appointment, read this first...»Read More

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