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About Nicki Michaels

"It worked! You were right! There was a girl! I didn't think it would happen after my divorce. Thank you. "
Ed Antilla
Phoenix, AZ

"You have been very special to our family since 1980, when you advised me regarding marrying my husband. In July we will celebrate 30 years of marriage—thank you. Then in 2000, you advised our twin daughters about choosing a high school. The one they chose with your guidance turned out to be the best for them—thank you again! Now one of my girls asks for your help in deciding which graduate school to accept."
K. C.
San Francisco, CA

"The last time we talked was 15 years ago, in December, 1995. You told me that I had a very special time period coming up—one in which I could meet my soul mate. You said that you had met your husband under similar planetary circumstances. You gave me dates for the time range. And on the very day that you named for the start of that period, I did meet my Soul Mate! Now we have been married for many years. I wanted to let you know that."
Redwood City, CA

"J. is now 21 and just enrolled in a junior college. It took him a couple of years to decide to do it—just as you said it might when you did his chart when he was a baby..."
Loris Donahue
Saint Paul, MN

"There's something magical and amazing about the way you do this...There are intuitions I've had about my whole process that you've affirmed. Having that affirmation opens up so much for me."
J. M.
Greencastle, IN

The Astrology of Relationships

Celestial insights reveal the intricacies of modern relationships—both personal and professional.



The Astrology of Love
Is your match made in heaven? Let astrology provide helpful hints on making your relationships more user-friendly
When it comes to love, what you see is not always what you get. In a society where 50% of married couples will divorce, a tool that offers insight into the possibilities a relationship might hold is valuable. A compatibility consultation can help you to:
  • Identify innate compatibility—how are you similar, and how are you different from each other? Are your inevitable differences complimentary or polarizing, and how can you optimize the potential for harmony if you choose to engage in relationship?
  • Communication issues—the best way to get your ideas across based on what astrology reveals about each of your natural communication styles
  • Relationship patterns—overcome negative patterns by developing alternative responses
  • Timing is at least half the battle— Is the time ripe for love to bloom?

Learn more about the astrology of relationships in the article Is He Hiding Something?


Your Choices

  • Relationship Insights—$275—A one hour meeting with one client, working with 2 charts (one for each member of the couple). I identify your innate compatibility and strategies for maximizing the relationship's potential; analyze the current time period for each party—Astrological insights can help you to move through challenging times with less wear and tear, on each of you and on your relationship. If love hasn't yet bloomed, I check out the current time period for each individual to see if there's a celestial "window of opportunity" for a significant relationship to develop. Recording included.

  • Couples Sharing—$350—A one hour meeting with the two of you together. This consultation can only be offered to couples who have each come for either a Basic or In-Depth Individual Consultation. This meeting focuses on relationship issues that an astrological perspective with life coaching insights might support. Using my life coaching skills, I encourage you each to speak your truth, help your partner to hear and acknowledge you, and together we discover strategies to shift your relationship in positive ways. Recording included.

  • Light Compatibility—$70—For anyone wanting the Basic or In-Depth Individual Consultation, I can also provide a short relationship analysis, using a second person's birth chart, within the allotted time frame of the consultation and for the additional fee. Recording included.


The Astrology of Family
Family Dynamics from an astrological perspective—a great gift for new parents!

How are your kids like you, and how are they different? A birth chart shows the unique individuality of each child. Comparing the horoscope of children to parents, and siblings to each other uncovers family dynamics, and can offer positive alternatives to support healthy interactions.


Your Choices

  • Family Consultation—with one client, analyzing up to 3 family charts (2 parents with 1 child, or 1 parent with 2 children).
    • $325—1 hour consultation, mp3 recording included for phone consultation, audio tape for in person meeting
    • $175—30 minute consultation, mp3 recording included for phone consultation, audio tape for in person meeting
    • $50—Each additional family member

  • Baby Consultation—$80—20 minute phone consultation with one parent and 1 baby chart, mp3 recording included. Focus is on baby's potential, personality qualities, possible talents and communication type.



The Astrology of Business Relations
Astrological Analysis can help your business run more smoothly

When entering into a business partnership, a compatibility analysis can identify positive connections between you and your potential partner, and will reveal what challenges might ensue, as well as strategies for dealing with them successfully. Hiring a new employee? Astrology can identify strong points and potential problem areas.

  • Rates vary—depending on your specific business situation. Phone or email for more information.


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