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About Nicki Michaels

"Thanks, Nicki.  I’ve downloaded your fabulous, insightful and useful reading and have listened to it again—taking notes!"
Jean Sward
San Rafael, CA

"Thank you for your inspirational and 'on target' astrological reading. Our conversation has definitely sparked a new direction in my life and career and I am so thankful."
Christine O'Neal
Lexington, KY

"You predicted that the clouds would lift around February 20th. Although I didn't notice immediate relief, I now realize that I have snapped out of it. I can now look forward to the future with anticipation not trepidation. I feel good about myself again. Thanks for giving me hope when I really needed it! I notice a real transformation happening inside of me right now—and it feels terrific!"
Janette deProsse
Grass Valley, CA

Read this for important information about astrology consultations

What you need to know...

  • Astrology consultations take place by phone or in person at my San Francisco office. All consultations are recorded for you. Fees for new clients range from $70.00 for a 20 minute phone consultation to $300.00 for an in-depth 90 minute meeting—see below for more detail. Feel free to phone or email with any questions you may. Please include your phone number in emails. All prices are quoted in US dollars.

  • Before scheduling your appointment...
    For most astrology consultations you must provide me with your birth date, accurate birth time and place. The information that I offer in my astrology consultations is only as accurate as the raw data that my interpretations are based on; therefore the accurate birth time is very important. Even several minutes of deviation from your actual birth time can alter the timing of life events and experiences by several years. If you need to order your birth certificate, visit the Birth Certificate Search page.

  • All consultations that are less than 1 hour long are offered only by phone. Longer consultations can take place either in my San Francisco office, or by phone. I'm totally comfortable working by phone, and consult with numerous clients all over the country and throughout the world that way.
  • An mp3 recording of your consultation is included at no additional fee. Many clients marvel at the additional insights they receive when reviewing recordings from past years. They gain a perspective available only in hindsight, and find this ability to review our meetings invaluable. After all meetings, whether by phone or in person, you'll receive a link that enables you to download an mp3 file of our talk directly to your computer.

  • An International Call Surcharge is added for international phone meetings to cover my additional phone expenses, since I call you for our meetings. For a 1 hour meeting the additional fee can range from $5.00 to $10.00 US depending on your country. If the call is made to a cell phone, the charges will be higher. I'll inform you of the additional cost when you book your meeting.

  • Deposit—All phone meetings must be pre-paid. A deposit is required for each in-person consultation. Your charge card number can be given in lieu of a deposit.

  • Payment—I accept VISA and MasterCard, checks, or money orders. All phone consultations must be prepaid. I will charge your credit card when preparing your chart, which may be up to a week before our meeting.

  • Cancellation Policy—I try to be flexible, as I understand that life's demands cannot always be predicted. However, if an appointment is changed or canceled after 9:00 AM Pacific Time, on the previous work day from your scheduled appointment (which is Friday for a Monday appointment), you will be charged a cancellation fee ranging from $25 to $100, depending on the type of consultation. You will be notified about your specific cancellation fee at the time you make your appointment, and you will receive a confirmation of your appointment, including information about your cancellation fee by email.

Questions? Call or email.


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