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Banner: Beyond Sun Signs-You're so much more than just your Sun sign- Astrologer & Life Coach Nicki Michaels PCC, CPCC-Home of The Rudhyar Audio Archives      bullet Home of the the Rudhyar Audio Archives — A 20th Century Voice with 21st Century Vision bullet
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so much more
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The astrology you'll find at is deeper and more meaningful than the Sun sign astrology in horoscope columns. Though entertaining, Sun sign astrology is a rather superficial, and marginally useful application of a complex and ancient science that dates back thousands of years. Learn how astrology can be used to inform your decisions and augment your own wisdom.

The purpose of
is to help transform the perception of astrology from that of an arcane ancient art into a useful tool that empowers our modern lives. You'll find:

  • The Rudhyar Audio Archives—enabling new generations to experience the voice of Dane Rudhyar, Philosopher, Composer, and the Father of Humanistic Astrology.
  • Ask Astro-Coach, Nicki Michaels' popular online question and answer column combining astrological insights with life coaching wisdom. Real Life Drama—Real Astrology At Work!
  • Personal astrological and life coaching services.No computer generated horoscope interpretations or cookie cutter coaching here!
  • Informative articles and useful tools and guides for astrology clients, students, and professionals.


Beyond Sun Signs because...
you are so much more than just your Sun sign

Life Coach & Astrologer
Nicki Michaels PCC, CPCC
San Francisco, CA

Home of Ask Astro-Coach Column Online, the compelling Astrology Question & Answer column combining astrological insights with life coaching wisdom originally published in The Mountain Astrologer. Read the online archives...

The Rudhyar Audio Archives
The Complete Recordings of the 1983 RITA Conference are now available for free listening. Dane Rudhyar, astrologer, composer, philosopher, poet, and artist revolutionized 20th century astrology. He coined the term Humanistic Astrology in his groundbreaking book The Astrology of Personality in 1935. Just as music that he wrote in the early 1900's is still played in New Music concerts today, his reframing of the purpose, use, and meaning of astrology continues to be a voice of vision in the 21st century. Now hear recordings of Rudhyar himself presenting a range of topics such as A New Approach to America's Destiny, Transpersonal Astrology, The Lunation Cycle, The Sabian Symbols in Theory and Practice, and The Astrology of Self-Actualization. Many more recordings will be added in the coming months—some never publicly available before. » See More

Dane Rudhyar's Approach to Cycles
Dane Rudhyar is considered the most important astrological thinker of the 20th century and is known as the "Father of Humanistic Astrology" (a phrase he coined in his groundbreaking book The Astrology of Personality written in 1935). This article geared towards astrology students, offers an overview of Rudhyar's approach to cycles, the basis for all astrological study. » See More

Read Ask Astro-Coach Online
Read answers to dozens of fascinating questions submitted by readers of this astrological Question & Answer column. Learn how astrology addresses real-life quandaries. Astrology students, use the "search this site" function to research Saturn returns, t-squares and other technical terms. » See More

Mercury Retrograde—Dates for 2014 and 2015
Wondering if it's a good time to buy that new car, or why your hard drive crashed? The planet Mercury is associated with these things and more. When it goes retrograde, which happens 3 times each year, life can get strange! Learn what Mercury retrograde means, and when Mercury is retrograde during 2014 and 2015. » See More

The Astrology of Love
Is He Hiding Something? An article discussing what his astrology chart can reveal about his capacity for love, tenderness and reliability. Is astrology a useful tool to analyze relationships, and identify which partner may be the most compatible for you? The writing is geared to those with little or no astrological knowledge. » See More

The Astrology of Location
Astrology is an excellent tool for understanding how to take advantage of the individualized benefits of various locations. Learn the simple principles of classical locational astrology and the Astro*Carto*Graphy system, the 21st century tool that allows you to scan the globe to find the best places for you.» See More

Birth Certificate Search
To create an accurate birth chart, you need an accurate birth time, which is normally found on the long form of each state's certificate of birth. Want to find your accurate birth time? Link to the web page of each state's bureau of vital statistics. » See More

Astrology Services
Discover the fascinating and useful perspectives that astrology can bring to your life, offering insights into your career, relationships, family, relocation, event planning, and more. » See More

Life Coaching Services
Astrology combined with Life Coaching is an unbeatable combination. What do you want to create more of in your life? An astrology consultation combined with weekly coaching sessions can help you to make choices that will change your life for the better. If you're ready for change, you're ready for a life coach! » See More

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